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All our employed drivers are required to fulfill the stipulated minimum online hours depending on their designations. This is also in accordance to the working hours stated under the Employment Act as governed by MOM. Shortage of working hours will result in deduction of salary accordingly.

Unicorn Limo drivers are given a fixed monthly salary and target incentives + up to 58% profit sharing when drivers over-exceed their targets. Therefore, monthly income is more stable and assured as compared to being an independent driver. All our drivers also enjoy leave entitlements and medical benefits in accordance to the Employment Act. As an independent driver, none of that is guaranteed.

No, Unicorn drivers income / earnings are not cap, and drivers are allowed to earn as much as they want under our employment.

Drivers will only be able to commence work upon getting their PDVL.

Yes, if you have paid for the application fee ($40) and would like to register under our PDVL company sponsorship scheme ($155.15), we welcome you to join us.

Yes, we welcome all interested applicant to register under our PDVL company sponsorship scheme that provides you an employment opportunity with Unicorn Limo upon successful completion of the PDVL course. Drivers who do not have a PDVL can still apply for the job. Unicorn Limo can sponsor the costs related to the PDVL application. Drivers who are under sponsorship will be under a 6 month bond.

Yes, vehicle can be driven home after work. Drivers are also allowed to use the car for leisure. However, drivers will have to cover for petrol used outside of work hours.

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