It was in 2018, when then Head of Partner Acquisition at Grab, James Lam realised an economy gap in the Private Hire Vehicle (PHV) industry and decided to do something about it. Shortly after the exit of Uber, he resigned from his position at Grab and embarked on his undertaking to continue to focus and on helping more drivers.

These independent transport service drivers were and is still facing many daily issues that potentially put their livelihoods at risk. They are constantly faced with passengers evading fares, rising cost of vehicle rental and petrol, high cost of levy paid to platforms for jobs, platform incentives plummeting, increased driver supply and decreased job demand thus causing instability of their income and most importantly no assurance nor consistency of fair returns when they put in their time and money.

Instead of letting it slide, James decided to put his heart and mind to it and deal with the problem head on. Having a deep understanding of the industry, James knew what worked best to fill those gaps.

Unicorn Limo was born out of a concept to fix deep underlying problems. The sole purpose of building this company was to act in the best interest of drivers. We seek to provide stable job opportunities and income to those finding career paths in this line of business. Soon enough, this has become our Mission Statement:

“To provide fair employment to our employees who serve to contribute toward a sustainable safe and friendly transportation service for all customers”

Now, Unicorn Limo has grown into a large close-knit family bounded by the company’s vision of becoming “The single largest transportation service provider that empowers our employees with the capabilities to grow with us”. We are well supported and live by our core values:

  • Safety: We recognize and take responsibility for our own safety and for all around us because we need to.
  • Service: Our commitment is to serve service at all levels because we want to.
  • Teamwork: We take pride in a unified work environment to achieve success and goals together as one because we have to.

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